Benefits for You

Available to you as a member:

  1. Education and Training Courses – BIGGA provides a wide range of education and training via its regions and sections and at Continue to Learn at BTME
  2. Training Resources – a range of training resources are available through BIGGA including, videos, books, posters, on course field guides.
  3. Greenkeeper International – the highly respected monthly magazine, reporting the latest news and developments in the industry.
  4. BTME – and Continue to Learn combine together to offer the member an outstanding exhibition and education programme of what’s new in an exciting, ever changing, growing industry.
  5. Dedicated careers information – excellent printed resources available.
  6. Networking via Section events – activities in your local area offering excellent networking opportunities enabling you to exchange ideas, information and resources.
  7. Membership Handbook – a copy of this indispensable tool, enabling members to track down a fellow member or identify companies who deal within a specific area within the industry.

For Full members

  1. BIGGA Legal Helpine – Access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for you and your family (living at the same address). Advice on employment matters, consumer rights and any other legal matter.
  2. Personal Accident Insurance – Cover for time off work due to an accident at home, work or even on holiday as well as one off payments dependent on the type of injury.
  3. Counselling Helpline – a service for all BIGGA Members and members of their immediate family living at the same address can help with a range of problems from practical everyday matters to sensitive or emotional issues. Specialists will help members deal with personal relationship problems, problems with colleagues in the workplace and other issues affecting their general wellbeing.