Elevating standards: Six benefits of your greenkeepers being members of BIGGA

22 March 2024 Feature Article

Maintaining a golf course to the highest standards requires dedication, expertise and access to resources. For greenkeeping teams striving for excellence, membership of the British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) offers a range of benefits that not only enhance their skills but also elevates the overall quality of course maintenance.

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Here are six reasons why you should encourage your greenkeepers to become members of BIGGA:

1. Enhanced course quality

BIGGA provides greenkeepers with access to cutting-edge resources, including the latest turf management techniques, sustainable practices and technological advancements. By staying informed and implementing best practices learned through BIGGA, greenkeepers can optimise course conditions, ensuring lush, playable greens, pristine fairways and manicured landscapes that enhance the overall golfing experience for members and visitors alike.

2. Professional recognition

BIGGA membership demonstrates a greenkeeper's commitment to professionalism and excellence in course maintenance. Clubs affiliated with BIGGA gain recognition for employing dedicated and skilled greenkeeping staff, enhancing their reputation within the golfing community. This recognition can attract new members, tournament organisers and sponsors who value high quality course conditions and superior management practices.

3. Cost savings

Through access to BIGGA's resources and network, greenkeepers can implement cost-effective maintenance practices that maximise operational efficiency and minimise expenses. From water conservation strategies to integrated pest management techniques, clubs benefit from reduced resource consumption and lower maintenance costs without compromising on course quality. Additionally, BIGGA membership may provide discounts on equipment, supplies and education programmes, further contributing to cost savings for golf clubs.

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4. Industry advocacy

BIGGA serves as a powerful advocate for greenkeeping professionals and the golf industry as a whole. By representing the interests of greenkeepers in discussion with policy makers, regulatory agencies and industry stakeholders, BIGGA helps shape policies and standards that support sustainable course management practices. Stakeholders affiliated with BIGGA benefit from advocacy efforts that promote the long-term viability of the sport, including initiatives related to environmental stewardship, water conservation and products used in the amenity sector.

5. Access to talent and innovation

BIGGA membership fosters a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing among greenkeeping professionals. Clubs gain a pool of talented individuals who are encouraged to continuously learn and implement innovative solutions to enhance course conditions. By encouraging staff participation in BIGGA events, clubs create opportunities for networking, mentorship and professional development, fostering a dynamic environment where creativity and expertise thrive.

6. Prestige and certification

Membership of BIGGA affords greenkeepers opportunities for professional certification and industry recognition. Clubs employing certified greenkeepers gain prestige within the golfing community, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in course management. Certification programmes offered by BIGGA validate the skills and expertise of greenkeeping staff, installing confidence in club members, guests and tournament organisers who value the highest standards of quality and professionalism in golf course maintenance.

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Golf clubs across the UK and further afield benefit significantly from having their greenkeeping staff as members of BIGGA. Through access to resources, recognition, advocacy, talent and accreditation opportunities, clubs can enhance course quality, reputation and sustainability while maximising cost efficiency and operational excellence. Joining BIGGA not only elevates the skills and expertise of greenkeepers but also elevates the overall standard of golf course management at affiliated clubs.

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Karl Hansell
BIGGA | Head of Marketing and Communications

Karl has been head of communications for BIGGA since March 2016. His duties include editing the monthly Greenkeeper International magazine, in addition to other communications activities for the association.


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