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Welcome to the Learning & Development area of the BIGGA Website

Learning & Development is critical for the greenkeeping professional. Planning our training helps us to develop and reinforce our skills, close any gaps in our knowledge and be noticeably better in our work performance. Who doesn’t want to be recognised for the excellent work we are doing?

People with access to learning and development programs have the edge in comparison to others in the industry – and companies who provide this access, acknowledging and challenging their staff through training opportunities, find that employees have more job satisfaction and add more value to the company.

On these pages you will find a summary of the exciting opportunities open to the greenkeeping profession. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly Learning & Development team.

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Deb Burnett

Learning and Development Executive

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Deb is responsible for the organisation and operation of BIGGA’s learning opportunities throughout the year, including the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme, the Future Turf Managers Initiative (FTMI) and Toro Student Greenkeeper of the Year, alongside countless other activities. She also is responsible for the production of the Continue to Learn programme and delivery each year.


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The Continuing Professional Development and world class education we provide would not be possible without the assistance of our BIGGA Business Affiliates. Ensuring our members stay at the forefront of the turf management industry takes considerable investment, and we are hugely grateful to them for their ongoing support.

Individual contributors: Steven Tierney MG, Chris Lomas MG, Andrew Campbell MG CGCS, Richard McGlynn, Jaey Goodchild, Frank Newberry, Greg Evans MG, Jon Kiger


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