Affiliated Associations

As part of BIGGA's commitment to its members, it works closely with many of the professional associations and governing bodies in the golf industry. 

Affiliated Associations

Amenity Forum

The Amenity Forum is the leading organisation within the UK amenity sector for promoting safe and environmentally friendly use of pesticides.

The Amenity Forum is the "voluntary initiative" for the amenity sector:

  • To be the collective body representing the amenity sector.
  • To lead, encourage and coordinate "Best Practice".
  • To coordinate and encourage training and CPD activity.
  • To organise activities within the Amenity Forum membership.

For further information go to the Amenity Forum website


BASIS is an independent standards setting and auditing organisation for the pesticide, fertiliser and allied industries.

BASIS is a registered charity (No. 1077006) and a company limited by guarantee registered in England (No. 1365343)

In practice this means that BASIS:

  • Offers a range of examinations and recognised qualifications for people working in the pesticide, fertiliser and related sectors
  • Operates an annual inspection scheme to audit pesticide stores and ensure their operation presents minimal risk to people and the environment
  • Manages the Professional Registers for qualified pesticide and fertiliser advisers and for public health pest control professionals
  • Operates the BASIS Advanced Contractor Certification Scheme (BACCS) and the new Amenity Assured standard to raise and maintain good practice standards in the amenity and industrial pesticide sectors
  • Provides a forum for industry trade associations and other stakeholders to discuss how professional standards can be maintained, improved and promoted
  • Works closely with industry, the regulatory authorities and government to promote and develop professional standards

For further information go to the BASIS website

GEO Foundation

Building on a history of social and environmental value at the roots of the game, golf is poised to emerge as a leader in sustainable sport and business.

In many ways, from ecosystem services and conservation of wildlife, to health and well-being for all ages, to jobs and economic value through local supply chains, golf is good for nature and communities.  

Following years of research and professional expertise, the industry is in a new phase of activity, working to collectively and credibly represent its contribution while also pledging to do more and more. 

This effort is delivered in partnership with GEO Foundation, the international non-profit dedicated entirely to providing a credible and practical sustainability system for golf. 

For further information go to the GEO Foundation website

Golf Club Managers Association (GCMA)

The GCMA currently supports more than 1,800 members through a network incorporating a national head office in Bristol and 16 regions spread throughout the UK.

Through our renowned education programme, networking opportunities and a programme of professional support, the GCMA helps the development of golf clubs and helps golf club managers and secretaries to fulfil their potential.

The GCMA is run by a team of staff based at Bristol & Clifton GC, alongside the President and Captain, a skill based Board of Directors who work closely with, and are supported by, 16 secretaries from each region of the UK.

Diploma in Golf Club Management

Representing a fundamental shift to the approach to professional education in golf club management, the three partner organisations of the Golf Club Management Partnership – GCMA, PGA and BIGGA have combined forces to create the ASQ L5 Diploma in Golf Club Management.

Suitable for, and open to all levels of skills and experience, this accredited golf specific qualification is perfectly suited to existing managers, and those looking to move into the profession, perhaps from related roles in the golf industry.

The Diploma can be studied at your own pace, over a maximum of three years, to accommodate the varying schedules of working managers, or aspiring industry professionals. With an emphasis on flexible learning it will be delivered through a combination of online and face-to-face workshops.

Training and education that has been previously undertaken, and is relevant to this new qualification, can be recognised through a formal process in order that course work is not unnecessarily repeated.

The Diploma covers all the core skills required to manage a golf club, and notably will be an ASQ externally quality assured qualification, visible on the framework of regulated qualifications.

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  • Leading And Managing People in a Golf Club
  • Managing Change in a Golf Club
  • Managing The Operations of a Golf Club
  • Marketing of a Golf Club
  • Managing The Finances of a Golf Club
  • Understand Personal and Enterprising Behaviours and Skills
  • Keeping Up to Date With Legislation of a Golf Club
  • Developing and Managing a Socially Responsible Golf Club
  • Managing Innovation and Growth in a Golf Club

For anyone looking to specialise in a particular area of the industry, or to supplement existing experience, there will be an option to complete pre-defined, individual ASQ Level 5 Certificates (Golf Operations and Management of PeopleFinance, Legislation and Marketing in Golf; and Enterprise, Innovation and Management of Change in Golf) within an 18 month period.  If all three Certificates are successfully completed you will be awarded the Diploma in Golf Club Management.

The qualifications have been developed in partnership by The Golf Club Management Association (GCMA) The Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), and the British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA), alongside the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative, (SFEDI). They are awarded via the Associated Sports Qualifications (ASQ) awarding body.

The units, whilst being specific to the Golf Industry contain some practical skills and competences that compare to other Level 5 business and management general units.

The units have been developed by, and based on SFEDI business and enterprise National Occupational Standards.

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Delivered by the Golf Club Management Partnership


The Greenkeepers Training Committee

The GTC is the independent organisation representing British golf club employers and greenkeepers through a Board of Directors, Advisory Groups and two full-time employees.

Golf greenkeepers play a vital role in golf course maintenance and management and golf greenkeeping is a rewarding career in the great outdoors. The GTC was set up as the industry body to promote the career of greenkeeping in England, Scotland and Wales, through ensuring the provision of quality education and training.

A Golf Greenkeeper is responsible for the maintenance, care and overall appearance of a golf course.  It is their job to ensure that the Golf Club provides a good quality playing surface for its members. The GTC has, in consultation with Golf Club employers and training providers, developed quality courses that the golfing industry requires.

The GTC : Supporting employers and greenkeepers through improving and promoting quality training and education.

For further information go to The Greenkeepers Training Committee

Grounds Management Association (GMA)


The Grounds Management Association (GMA)  was founded in 1934 by W H Bowles BEM, head groundsman at Eton College. The first 11 founder members formed the National Association of Groundsmen which became the Institute of Groundsmanship(IOG) in 1969, and the GMA in 2020. The original purpose was defined as being to improve the status of groundsmen and the standard of groundsmanship.


"To promote quality surfaces and quality services and establish the GMA as 'the' leading professional organisation for grounds management, recognised by the National Governing Bodies of Sport and the public, private and voluntary sectors for its industry knowledge and technical expertise.'

For more information go to the GMA's website

The Professional Golfers Association (PGA)

The PGA are a members’ organisation which educate and train PGA Professionals to degree level with the very latest skills and expertise, to operate in all areas of golf. Golfers can enjoy and play better golf while golf clubs can benefit from the successful management of their facility.

For further information go to the PGA's website

Royal & Ancient (R&A)

The R&A

Formed in 2004 and based in St Andrews, The R&A engages in and supports activities undertaken for the benefit of the sport of golf. 

Despite deriving its name from the members’ golf club, The R&A is separate and distinct from The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.


The R&A organises The Open, golf’s oldest and most international Major championship.

The R&A also organises a series of amateur and junior golf events, such as The Amateur Championship and The Boys Amateur Championship, as well as international matches including the Walker Cup, the St Andrews Trophy and the Jacques Leglise Trophy.


Together with the USGA, The R&A governs the sport of golf worldwide, operating in separate jurisdictions whiles sharing a commitment to a single code for the Rules of GolfRules of Amateur Status and Equipment Standards.

The R&A, through R&A Rules Ltd, governs worldwide, outside of the United States and Mexico, with the consent of 155 organisations from amateur and professional golf, and on behalf of over 30 million golfers in 142 countries.

The R&A Rules Department also incorporates an Equipment Standard division. Through rigorous state-of-the-art testing, a team of scientists assess new developments in golf technology, as well as ensuring that new club and ball submissions from golf manufacturers conform to the Rules of the sport.

Ladies’ Golf Union (LGU)

On 1 January 2017, The R&A merged with the Ladies’ Golf Union (LGU) and took on governance responsibility for women’s golf. This includes overseeing the Women’s British Open, one of the five Major championships in women’s golf.

In amateur golf, it organises the women’s British Amateur Championships and Home International events, as well as managing Great Britain and Ireland teams for representative matches like The Curtis Cup and Vagliano Trophy.

Golf Development

The R&A is able to distribute a substantial annual surplus for the development of the sport as a result of staging The Open each year. Through The R&A’s Working for Golf programme, emphasis is placed on encouraging junior golf, on the promotion and progression of the sport in emerging golfing nations, on coaching and on the provision of more public golf courses and improved practice facilities.

Sustainable Golf

The R&A also provides best practice guidelines on all aspects of golf course management, to help grow golf throughout the world in a commercially and environmentally sustainable way.


We’re a global design, engineering and management consultancy. We plan, design and build sustainable places and spaces for people to enjoy.

Our expertise were founded within the design, management and maintenance of sports surfaces and we continue to deliver strategies for sports facilities and their surrounding infrastructure, as well as working within residential, corporate and commercial spaces. Our designs blend natural and man-made resources to create resilient and sustainable solutions. We have a passion for inspiring greener habitats and are committed to protecting and futureproofing our natural resources.

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