History of Greenkeepers' Associations

The Greenkeeping Committee of the STRI, photographed in the 1960s.jpeg


The British & International Golf Greenkeepers' Association has been Europe's foremost membership association ever since its formation in January 1987.

The association offers unrivalled networking, professional development and educational opportunities for its members.

But did you realise that greenkeeping associations have been in existence for more than a century?

BIGGA Life Member and former chairman Elliott Small has spent more than a decade compiling this history of greenkeepers' associations in the UK. From its humble beginnings at a gathering of Scottish greenkeepers in 1908 through to the decision to amalgamate three separate associations to form the modern BIGGA today.

We do not claim that this is a complete history of greenkeepers' associations in the United Kingdom, but we think it is the only record for the period from 1904 up until 1986, just prior to the formation of BIGGA.

This history gives us an idea of some of the early days, as greenkeepers tried to build their associations and make efforts to improve the lot of their fellow greenkeeper.

This has been compiled by reading through old minute books, scouring magazines, talking to old members and digging up information wherever it could be found.

It's a fascinating story and we hope you enjoy finding out a little more about our great association.

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We hope these pages become a living history of greenkeepers' associations in the UK, so if you have any memories or photogaphs that you'd like to share, please get in touch by emailing [email protected] and put History of Greenkeepers' Associations in the subject line.



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