Operation Pollinator

Golf courses can provide essential sanctuaries for bumblebees and other beneficial insect species.
Environmental enhancement of relatively undisturbed out of play areas can provide the perfect location for immensely valuable ecological habitats.

What Operation Pollinator can deliver for the golf course:

  • Generates immense pride in your course
  • Provides an enhanced playing experience
  • Improves visual appearance
  • Creates valuable positive publicity for the club
  • Produces beneficial results up to 60% faster than conventional management

Creating a half hectare of Operation Pollinator habitat on the golf course is equivalent to more than 600 golf club members each creating a 4m x 2m wildflower area at home and delivers a living and aesthetically pleasing focus for environmental work on the course.

Help Syngenta reach 100 golf courses. Sign-up now for Operation Pollinator and play your part in helping the bees.

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The first real warmth of spring has burst into life, with bumblebees already busily buzzing around.

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