Greenkeeping Acronyms

This document is intended to be a living history of greenkeepers' associations in the United Kingdom. If you have any information or photographs that you would like to add, email and use the subject title History of Greenkeepers' Associations.


Greenkeeping Acronyms


Acronym; Association/organisation; Date first used

R&A; Royal and Ancient; 1754

WGU; Welsh Golf Union; 1895

PGA; Professional Golfers' Association; 1901

SGA; Scottish Greenkeepers' Association; 1908

SGGA; Scottish Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1911

GGA; Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1912

SGU; Scottish Golf Union; 1920

EGU; English Golf Union; 1924

NAGA; National Association of Greenkeepers of America; 1926

BOGR; Board of Greenkeeping Research; 1929

AGCS; Association of Golf Club Secretaries; 1933

BGGA; British Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1936

GCSAA; Golf Course Superintendents' Association of America; 1951

STRI; Sports Turf Research Institute; 1951

JCGGA; Joint Council for Golf Greenkeeper Apprenticeships; 1963

CGSA; Canadian Golf Superintendents' Association; 1966

SIGGA; Scottish and International Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1972

SCGT; Standing Conference for Greenkeeper Training; 1975

GTC; Greenkeepers' Training Committee; 1977

EIGGA; English and International Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1983

BIGGA; British and International Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1987




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