Greenkeeping Acronyms

This document is intended to be a living history of greenkeepers' associations in the United Kingdom. If you have any information or photographs that you would like to add, email [email protected] and use the subject title History of Greenkeepers' Associations.


Greenkeeping Acronyms


Acronym; Association/organisation; Date first used

R&A; Royal and Ancient; 1754

WGU; Welsh Golf Union; 1895

PGA; Professional Golfers' Association; 1901

SGA; Scottish Greenkeepers' Association; 1908

SGGA; Scottish Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1911

GGA; Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1912

SGU; Scottish Golf Union; 1920

EGU; English Golf Union; 1924

NAGA; National Association of Greenkeepers of America; 1926

BOGR; Board of Greenkeeping Research; 1929

AGCS; Association of Golf Club Secretaries; 1933

BGGA; British Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1936

GCSAA; Golf Course Superintendents' Association of America; 1951

STRI; Sports Turf Research Institute; 1951

JCGGA; Joint Council for Golf Greenkeeper Apprenticeships; 1963

CGSA; Canadian Golf Superintendents' Association; 1966

SIGGA; Scottish and International Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1972

SCGT; Standing Conference for Greenkeeper Training; 1975

GTC; Greenkeepers' Training Committee; 1977

EIGGA; English and International Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1983

BIGGA; British and International Golf Greenkeepers' Association; 1987




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