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Membership of BIGGA provides you with practical help whenever you need it: use your membership to benefit from a range of comprehensive services and products that will prepare you with the tools to develop as a greenkeeper and a leader and make an impact on your organisation.

By joining Europe’s largest membership greenkeeping association you will join 1,000’s of like-minded individuals who are passionate about being a greenkeeper and about greenkeeping.




Full Member, Managerial £180
Full Member £110
Assistant Greenkeeper 21 & over £80
Assistant Greenkeeper 20 & under £30
International Member £120
Affiliate £120
Student Member £30

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Stay Inspired and Stay Motivated: through BIGGA and the people you meet you can be proactive about the things you discover on your journey as a greenkeeper.

Continue to develop and learn throughout your career: members are automatically registered onto the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme. Keep a record of your study and learning thoughout your career through this innovative system.

L&D funding: get financial help to study: through various schemes apply for funds towards your study fees or the opportunity to attend Continue to Learn at BTME. These refunds alone can supersede the cost of your membership, making it a simple decision to join.

Improve your confidence, capability and competence as a leader: preparing yourself for a move into leadership can be challenging, BIGGA can help by offering a number of initiatives focusing on personal and professional development.

Network, learn and socialise: visit the annual BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME) and meet like-minded professionals and ‘talk shop’ or submerge yourself in the learning hub environment of Continue to Learn, taking advantage of member discounted prices.

Knowledge is power, stay updated: in a world that is constantly evolving stay up to date via a monthly copy of BIGGA’s magazine Greenkeeper International. Keep up with the latest membership initiatives with regular visits to the BIGGA website.

Whether it’s opportunities which can help raise your confidence and skills, a chance to network with the best in the industry, volunteer opportunities to work on large events to prepare courses for leading tournaments or informative resources to help you keep up to date with the latest news in the industry, you’ll find it all as a member of BIGGA.

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► Receive Greenkeeper International FREE through your door each month

► Record your Continuing Professional Development and boost your career prospects

► Access a huge library of FREE online learning opportunities

► Meet other greenkeepers in your area and grow a network of contacts

► Join our volunteer support teams at some of the biggest events in the golfing calendar

► Access FREE legal advice including support with employment disputes

► FREE access to our confidential counselling service and benevolent fund when times get tough

► Participate in career-defining initiatives and incredible overseas trips

Don't delay, make the best decision of your career today and join Europe's largest community of golf greenkeepers.

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