Benefiting You

Whether you come to us as a Full, Assistant Greenkeeper, International, Affiliate or Student Member we will work with you to help you get all you can from membership of BIGGA.

If you are golf club aiming for a good standard of course maintenance then a well trained, motivated greenkeeping team is an extremely valuable asset to any golf club.

If you are a business looking to promote your product within the fine turf industry, whatever your budget the BIGGA Sales Team can provide valuable advice on maximizing your advertising and promotion.

  • Benefits for You

    See the full range of benefits including Education and Training Courses, Training Resources, Greenkeeper International, BTME, Dedicated careers information and much more.

  • Benefits for the Golf Club

    Having a well trained, motivated greenkeeping team will produce a high standard of course maintenance and will help golf clubs to achieve a reputation for fine conditioning and excellent presentation, which will give a more attractive option for potential members as well as the golfer looking to play different golf courses.

  • Benefits for your Business

    Our Sales Team can help maximize the potential of your products by making the most of your advertising budgets by advertising in Greenkeeper International, the BIGGA E-Newsletter, the BIGGA Handbook, the annual Calendar and Diary and not forgetting the BIGGA Website.