Volunteering - How to get involved

Tournament Support and How to Get Involved

Why should you become a volunteer?

Volunteering can:

  • Help you feel active, useful and productive
  • Demonstrate personal and professional potential and growth development
  • Develop professional skills, including problem solving and organisational abilities
  • Advance your BIGGA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits to enhance your CV
  • Assist you in building experience for applications to prestigious events, e.g. Open Support teams, BMW Wentworth and the TPC Sawgrass initiative
  • Enable networking and making new friends and contacts
  • Help you rediscover the joy in greenkeeping

There are many amateur and professional golf tournaments held around the UK and some courses may need additional support during these events.

Make a start by finding out which tournaments your local courses are participating in and contacting the Head Greenkeepers or Course Managers to ask if they need staff reinforcement for the duration of the event.

BIGGA members are offered exlusive access to some opportunities and can find out about events seeking voluntary support in our Volunteering section of the members area.


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