Agrovista Amenity Academy

Agrovista Amenity Academy is an online learning resource with courses and lessons being created on a range of areas of turf management and for all products sold by Agrovista Amenity. 

The Product Courses, which consist of videos, case studies, MSDS, labels and technical specifications have been designed so that turf managers can fully understand and get maximum benefits from the products they use. This will, in turn, lead to healthier, better performing turf. Academy students are guaranteed to have a wide variety to choose from.

Knowledge Courses are added on a regular basis providing a vast range of educational topics and Agrovista Amenity welcome suggestions on more topics which users would like to see on the learning platform. 

Health and Wellbeing courses have been designed and developed for everyone in the sports turf amenity industry, from course managers to apprentice greenkeepers. Looking after your own health and wellbeing in the workplace and in life is just as important as identifying others who may be suffering or need help. The Health and Wellbeing courses are designed to help you understand the issues, help spot triggers and alarms while also enabling you to provide help and support to others. 

Agrovista Amenity Academy with the support of BIGGA is proud to be offering CPD credits for all BIGGA members. It’s important to us that we continue to help educate and support the amenity industry on all product and knowledge aspects of turf management. We will continue to grow and develop the Agrovista Amenity Academy providing relevant and useful educational courses. Each course should take approximately 30 minutes to complete and consists of videos, case studies and studying the MSDS label and technical specifications. Once the student has beenthrough the various modules, the course will end with a multiple choice test.

Product Courses = 1 CPD credit 

Knowledge Courses = 4 CPD credits

Health & Wellbeing Courses = 4 CPD credits

Agrovista Amenity Academy is absolutely FREE giving you access to every course on the platform. In addition, you can register as many of your staff as you wish on our website.




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