As part of the Golf Club Management Partnership, BIGGA is working closely with the GCMA and The PGA.

The GCMA support more than 2,300 Golf Secretaries (managers) and their Clubs through a network incorporating a National Head office in Weston-super-Mare and 17 Regional Secretaries spread throughout the UK.

They provide:

  • An information service and comprehensive library which is also available online.

  • Training courses which are extremely well subscribed and supported.

  • Regional networking structures and meetings.

  • Subscription to a professionally produced journal 'Golf Club Management'.

  • Members' benevolent fund.

  • National Conference.

  • Liason with several other golfing organisations.

Membership is available to:

Managers/Secretaries, Honorary Secretaries and Assistants of Private and Proprietory Clubs

Secretaries of National, County and District Golf Unions

Owners of Clubs or Directors of Golf