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How you can get your club and community involved with First Green

Pupils at a First Green event in Liverpool

First Green is a wonderful way of connecting communities with the natural world and the countless learning opportunities presented by life on the golf course. It's also a fantastic tool for golf clubs and venues to raise their profile within the communities they serve. 

We'd love you to get involved, so open up the relevant sections below to find out more.

Do you work at a golf course?

Getting started with First Green is really easy – If hosting young people for two hours makes you nervous – don’t worry! We have prepared everything you need to host a field trip, including a breakdown of what you’ll need and step‑by‑step checklists to help you along the way.

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It’s been fun working with kids to hopefully get them involved in the greenkeeping industry one day. On days like today when the sun’s out, it’s fantastic to be able to inspire kids in this way.

Peter Lewis

Royal Liverpool Golf Club

Chris Trimble.png

It's really refreshing to see how interested people are in the job and it shows how interesting greenkeeping is as a career. Hopefully today we've encouraged a few potential greenkeepers.

Chris Trimble

Royal Liverpool Golf Club

Getting involved is simple:
1. Register to host a field trip

If you are interested in hosting a field trip at your golf course, register to become part of the programme by clicking the Field Trip Golf Course Registration box below. A representative of BIGGA will then reach out with additional details.  You can then access all of the member only First Green resources, which includes the Getting Started Guide.

2. Connect with a school or group

Contact local schools, colleges or other groups to identify the best time for a field trip at your golf course.  The Getting Started Guide will provide you with the information and templates needed to enable you to do so.

3. Register the date of your field trip

Once the details are confirmed with the school or group and teacher, register your event through the link below and BIGGA will support you in the hosting of a successful field trip!

First Green Field Trip Golf Course Registration

Thank you for your interest in hosting a First Green field trip and your support in bringing young people out to the golf course for a unique, hands-on STEM learning experience.


First Green Field Trip Event Registration

Thank you for hosting a First Green Field Trip!  Please submit this form to register your event with BIGGA.  BIGGA will place your event on the Calendar and help promote the field trip via social media.


Are you a school or education provider?

Field trips are often the highlight of a pupil or student's learning year, inspiring them to achieve better things when they return to the classroom. They are also important for teachers and First Green field trips become an extension of the classroom curriculum. They optimise a young person’s learning by offering a hands-on approach, which is essential in STEM education. 

Emma Bailey 1.png

STEM is something we've been trying to raise awareness of within our school over the past 18 months so this was a perfect opportunity. I was amazed at how much science, technology, engineering and maths fit into this experience.

Emma Bailey

Headteacher, West Kirby Primary School

You can download our flyer below to share with your school or group!


Getting involved is simple:
1. Connect with a golf course

Find a local golf course or registered BIGGA member who will host your class by registering your interest to join a First Green field trip.  Use the form below to register your interest.


2. Plan your field trip

Once linked with a local golf club, have a pre-meeting on site to familiarise yourself with the Golf Club setting and establish which lesson plans will be used on the day. Take this opportunity to finalise dates and other important information.

3. Attend & Evaluate

Enjoy the field trip and when it has taken place, make sure your send your feedback to BIGGA as it is so important to us as we seek to improve the First Green offering.

First Green Field Trip School Registration Form

Thank you for your interest in the First Green program. Please provide your contact information so that we may match your school or group with one of our First Green golf courses.


Are you part of the wider community?

Parents and carers play a huge role in guiding young people towards STEM-related interests. Outside of the classroom, you will be the driving force to help them in their studies and direct their focus towards science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

A great way to stay connected with BIGGA and the First Green programme is to follow up with the Golf Club or course where yourchild attended a field trip. The golf course's greenkeepers will be happy to share the lesson plans and answer any questions you may have.

First Green-Marie Athorn.jpg

It’s fantastic to see children engage with what greenkeepers are doing and it also highlights that golf courses can be really good for nature. Students get excited about all the nature they may see on the golf course.

Dr Marie Athorn

The R&A and RSPB Partnership

First Green-40.png

Today has been amazing. Hopefully we can all be role models and an inspiration for them to get into it and then go home and tell their parents and friends what it's all about.

Becky McGeehan

PGA Pro, Royal Liverpool Golf Club

Here are a few ways parents can get involved:
  1. Volunteer to chaperone a field trip
  2. Reinforce lessons after the workshop
  3. Visit a local golf course
  4. Communicate with teachers about STEM learning
  5. Play golf!


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