About First Green UK

Our story

Founded in America in 1997, First Green is the only STEM education and environmental outreach programme in the United States, Canada and now the United Kingdom that uses golf courses as learning labs.

First Green has been licenced by the British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) with kind permission of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) and its Foundation. 

First Green is an innovative environmental and STEM education programme that uses golf courses as classrooms. On field trips, students will learn about microbial life and ecosystems, water conservation, practical maths applications, the tools used on the course, wildlife conservation and so much more! 

Greenkeepers will co-ordinate a 2 to 3-hour field trip that will be held in a safe area on the golf course. Students rotate through learning stations that cover topics such as soil and plant science, golf course ecology, water quality testing or various maths calculations using actual problems greenkeepers solve daily.

What is STEM?

STEM education combines the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, helping students explore the applications where they connect.  

Golf courses offer economic benefits, recreational opportunities and green spaces to the communities they serve. But golf courses are also large parcels of land comprising carbon-capturing turf, various tree species and numerous habitat types and vegetation. They provide wildlife habitat, produce oxygen and filter surface water.

Golf enjoys a greater connection to its natural surroundings than any other sport. Yet with constant pressure to keep up with environmentally friendly practices, the industry is utilising science, technology, engineering and mathematics to instill a lifelong appreciation of our most precious natural resources for generations to come.

The longterm vitality of golf depends on STEM:

  1. STEM’s hands-on approach enriches the learning experience.
  2. Each golf course presents unique applications of the STEM curriculum.
  3. STEM will create a positive impact on sustainability throughout the game.

Career opportunities

The First Green curriculum benefits young students by helping them apply their classroom knowledge in an outdoor setting. By understanding how STEM concepts connect, students find new inspiration in their school work and in the possibility of a career in golf or a STEM-related field.

STEM education opens doors to a wide variety of career paths. Jobs in STEM-related fields can be very lucrative and are accessible to students from any socio-economic background.








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