How to write an Ad

Putting together an advert

  • Choose a format you like from another advert in your chosen publication and use it as a model.
  • Provide a high resolution logo from your company or golf club
  • List the company, location and job title
  • Give a description of what the job involves
  • Give a brief person-specification (without excluding candidates through age, sex, race or religion) including the experience and qualifications that person you are looking for should have.
  • List some of the benefits the job carries – including salary range. For greenkeeping jobs it is desirable for the salary range to fall within the guidelines of the Standing Committee on Greenkeepers’ Salaries.
  • Do not try to include too many words in too little space. It is always much more rewarding to reduce the number of words or increase the amount of space you book. You may save money by cramming a load of information into a small space but the advert will look unattractive, not show your organisation in the best light and, perhaps, not attract as many applicants.