PODCAST: Ecology at Sherborne and 'acting' your way to success

21 May 2019 Podcast

This week’s episode of the Green Room Golf Course Podcast kicks off with a conversation I recorded back at Continue to Learn in January with Mark Doyle, an actor who now encourages professionals to learn some of the lessons of his trade to enable them to perform better in front of an audience, such as management or your committee. Perhaps you find you’ve got the knowledge and the experience to do a job, but when it comes to an interview situation, nerves let you down and you don’t do yourself justice. If that’s the case, this is the interview for you. 

We’ll then follow up that conversation with a visit to Sherborne Golf Club in Dorset to meet the entire greenkeeping team, who had also invited along a bunch of members for a course walk. It was a beautiful, sunny day down at the James Braid designed course. Sherborne was founded in 1894 and offers views over Somerset. In 2000, parts of the course were remodelled and lengthened, while there’s a real drive by the team to increase their ecological offering. And I’m happy to say that the members of the club who we met were eager to do their part too. 

After the course walk, I sat down with greenkeeper Ed Stant and James for a discussion about some of the things we’d seen.

In this week’s episode:

Acelepryn renewal  

BIGGA Benevolent Fund Golf Day

Toro Student Greenkeeper of the Year Awards 

BIGGA Photographic Competition 2019 


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