BIGGA supports governance guide for golf clubs

31 October 2019 Announcement


BIGGA has worked alongside the governing bodies for golf in the UK, including England Golf, Scottish Golf and Wales Golf  to issue a new governance guide for clubs in the ongoing drive to modernise and grow the game.

Key stakeholders across the sport recognise the value of improving the organisation and structures of clubs in order to maximise their potential for profitability and growth.

BIGGA CEO Jim Croxton said: "Good governance is at the core of any successful business as it fosters a positive culture of clarity and accountability at all levels. The management structures at many golf clubs have evolved organically over the history of the sport and so formal structures are often not in place, or adhered to. All-too-often, this leads to a disconnect between the staff and those in leadership roles, which can lead to conflict within the workplace.

"We've worked alongside the game's governing bodies and the other organisations involved with golf club staff to create this new edition of the golf goverance guide, which has now adopted information relating to the correct treatment of staff. I hope that this guide is just the first step towards a better, more prosperous industry for all."

BIGGA is supporting the efforts of golf's governing bodies to inspire good governance within the game, alongside the Golf Club Managers’ Association, the Professional Golfers’ Association and The R&A to provide this invaluable resource for all clubs to consider.

By co-ordinating a unified approach to good governance and setting this out in an easy-to-read format in the second edition of the guide, clubs will now benefit from a strong template which can either be adopted or adapted to meet needs of individual organisations.

The document provides tools, activities, discussion points and best practice ideas for clubs to take on board.

It will also provide clear signposting for clubs in order that they may face the future with confidence. Clubs can find pointers on how best to tackle the challenges of an evolving membership structure, constantly-changing legal requirements and all-important safeguarding procedures.

A well-run club is a thriving club and the ‘9-holes of Excellent Governance’ feature of the new guide will help clubs to improve sustainability both financially and administratively.

In an ever-changing marketplace, clubs can learn to manage resources, effectively recruit for staff and committee positions and meet the needs of members and golf consumers by following the good governance blueprint.

Clubs – no matter how large or small their membership, how modern or traditional their facilities – can learn how to set their own standards of excellence to drive improvement and, at the same time, develop the culture of the organisation.

The varied case studies from England, Scotland and Wales also provide real-time reference points to demonstrate the practical benefits of adopting good practice at all levels of club management.

The R&A’s backing for the governance guide underlines their ongoing commitment to the modernisation of golf.

“We all have a role to play in growing golf and if we are to achieve that goal then we have to modernise and make the sport more appealing, accessible and inclusive,” said Duncan Weir, executive director – golf development and amateur championships at The R&A. “Good governance in the running of clubs is a key element of ensuring that golf is attractive both to existing members and potential new members.

“This guide is designed to promote best practice in governance and act as a reference resource for clubs to help them continue to improve and develop their management processes.”

The governance guide is available to download below.

Golf Club Governance Guide





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