Talking Ecology with the RSPB

4:00PM - 5:00PM, 29 Sep 2020
BIGGA's Ecology and Sustainability guy, James Hutchinson and Dr Marie Athorn, Business Conservation Advisor (R&A) from the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) will be discussing all things Ecology on the golf course. Chatting about The R&A and RSPB partnership helping facilitate wildlife conservation on golf courses to a wider, mainstream, audience.
Speaker: Dr Marie Athorn
Name - Business Conservation Advisor (R&A), RSPB
Biography: Marie has a PhD from the University of Nottingham on the biodiversity benefits of constructed wetland habitats and has previously worked in ecological consultancy. Joining the RSPB in January 2020 she has undertaken the new role of Business Conservation Advisor to The R&A as part of the new partnership between the RSPB and The R&A. Conservation and ecology have always been her passion and have shaped her career path. Marie has played golf her whole life and this role has provided her with the opportunity to increase awareness and support for biodiversity conservation on golf courses.  
Speaker: James Hutchinson
Name - Membership Services Manager ( Ecology & Sustainability), BIGGA Ltd
Biography: James is an R&A Gold Badge holder. He was previously environmental officer at St Andrews and prior to that has was ecology manager at Fairhaven Golf Club in Lancashire. In his role as Membership Services Manager responsible for ecology and sustainability at BIGGA he provides an amazing service for our members, visiting their courses to learn about what environmental practices they’ve put in place and offer ideas and suggestions to help improve their environmental footprint. He’s visited hundreds of golf courses and is always on the lookout for the next rare orchid or dandelion.


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