PODCAST How your golf course can become a 'living landscape'

10 September 2019 Podcast


Did you know that as the golfing season comes to a close, we’re already putting together the next edition of Your Course magazine?

Once again the magazine will be sent out to every golf club in the country and will be packed full of features that inform golfers about the hard work of the nation’s greenkeepers.

Among the features will be a look at golf course ecology and the vital role greenkeepers can play in creating a network of ‘living landscapes’ across the UK. For this feature I visited Brandon Reach nature reserve for a conversation with Ian Jelley, of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, who has been working closely with courses across the region.

It’s been reported that Britain’s wildlife is at serious risk. One in five mammals are apparently at risk of extinction and it’s incredible to think that golf courses can play such an important role in wildlife support and recovery.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Ian. Hopefully it’ll inspire others to speak to their local wildlife trust or other conversation charities and golf courses will begin to be recognised as the havens for wildlife that they so often are. 

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Karl Hansell
BIGGA | Communications Executive


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