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23 March 2020 Announcement


Perennial's freephone helpline is operating as usual. If you need support during these incredibly difficult times, please call us on 0800 093 8543 or fill in the online contact form.

During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic it’s wise to follow all government advice and it’s also natural to be concerned about your own health, your ability to continue working and supporting family members. Perennial is the safety net for people in the horticultural industry, here to help individuals working in, or retired from any job involving working with trees, plants, flowers and grass.  This is a time when we need to work together. 

Information will be regularly updated on our website, available here.

Where to check for the latest advice on Coronavirus (Covid-19) 

Latest Information and Government updates are available here. 

NHS advice is available here. 

How Perennial can support you 

Perennial’s help and support is free and confidential during this difficult period. Everyone’s challenges are slightly different, so our support is tailored to your specific needs. 

So please call us in confidence on 0800 093 8543 or fill in our online contact form.

Perennial's office hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 

The charity can help by: 

  • Giving you personal advice and helping you access the government support which is being put in place 
  • Helping you make arrangements to reduce or delay bill payments including credit debts where necessary 
  • Providing financial assistance to cover essential items, particularly food and heating 

Worried about your finances? 

When work suddenly stops the impact on income can be a challenge. The government appreciates this and has put some measures in place to help everyone through this difficult period. The following are reputable websites that will help you find information on various aspects. We appreciate it’s not always easily understood so please contact the Perennial team on 0800 093 8543 and lets them help you understand it and how it affects you personally. 

Looking after yourself 

Looking after your physical and mental wellbeing is just as important as looking after your financial health, especially during uncertain times. Make sure you keep up some form of physical exercise during this period. In times of increased stress, seeking help and support from others can be a real help. If you are stressed, anxious or need a place to talk -join our online mental health community provided by Big White Wall. It is accessible anytime, anywhere. It’s important to stay connected even when we have to distance ourselves socially. Stay part of a community and access our support network here.

Please forward this information onto your staff and anyone you know in the industry who might need help.  




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