Help for Job Seekers

This section includes information that will be useful to those people looking for positions.

  • Creating a CV

    A guide to creating your CV by Frank Newberry, an affiliate member of BIGGA

  • Doing Well at Your Interview

    Tips from Frank Newberry on: How to prepare for difficult questions, How to make a good first impression, How to get a rapport with the interviewers and How to present yourself as the ideal candidate

  • Negotiating Your Pay Package

    Tips from Frank Newberry on: When to negotiate with employers, What to negotiate with employers, How to negotiate with employers, How to get a ‘win-win’ outcome and Getting the reluctant employer to negotiate.

  • Working In America

    Everyone needs a visa if they want to work in America. The safest and most affordable way to get great experience and an opportunity to work on some of the top courses in America is to go through a reputable, well established exchange program such as The Ohio State University Turf program, otherwise known as The Ohio Program or a UK-based internship facilitator such as IEPUK.