Your Course Spring 2019

11 April 2019 Your Course

Your Course Spring 2019. Understanding golf course preparation. Championship ready - with summer on the way, how are courses preparing for the season. We look at Golf's pothole problem and how the infamous 17th is maintained.

Question time. Four course managers from accross the United Kingdom answer your burning questions about greenkeeping practices.

The Ultimate Greenkeeping Challenge. We speak to the man in charge of keeping the world's most famous island green in pristine condition.

Mann to Mann. Meet two course maanagers, both named Michael Mann. However, the budgets and resources available to these namesakes couldn't be more different.

Golf's Pothole Problem. Golfers and greenkeepers get equally upset when they see pitch marks blighting a putting surface. We take a closer look at the true impact of the damage caused by unrepaired pitch marks.

The Art of Building a Bunker. We journey to Royal St George's in Kent, the venue for next year's Open Championship, to discover the process for building and maintaining the course's 104 bunkers.

Summer Lovin'. Steve Carroll dispels the misguided belief that courses don't require as much work in the summer months by meeting the greenkeepers at four very different layouts.

The Great Tree Debate. Countless clubs are implementing widespread tree removal. We investigate why tree management is necessary and what problems trees can cause if left to get out of hand.

What is Topdressing? We ask four greenkeepers to reveal their motivation and tactics for topdressing their courses.

Helping Hands. BIGGA gives greenkeepers the chance to volunteer at major tournaments across the world. We ask two volunteers to tell us about their recent experiences.

Greenkeeper's Glossary. Do you know your fescue from your bent? Here are five grasses you may find on a course and the different playing surfaces they present.




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