The role of sustainable plant extracts and bio‑stimulants in an amenity turf IPM strategy

8 June 2023 Video - Webinar

A look at recent trials and research into the use of sustainable plant extracts and bio‑stimulants to ascertain their suitability in enhancing turf health with the aim of reducing the incidence of pathogens as part of an integrated pest management strategy.

This seminar will cover the results of laboratory and field work commissioned in conjunction with a government plant pathogen research agency. The findings have resulted in strong evidence that the combined use of foliar nutrition in conjunction with sustainable plant extracts and suitable delivery system enhances plant health and therefore reduces incidence of pathogens.

During 2022 we will continue our research investigating the use of pigmentation to reduce damaging UV radiation plus selected amino acid’s resilience to stress and enhanced recovery, which will contribute to the learning outcomes of this seminar.

Learning outcomes

  • Overview of pathogen triangle dynamics
  • Potential IPM strategies for turf
  • Replicated field and laboratory trial methodologies
  • Impact of application rates on efficacy of spray
  • Outline of sustainable plant extract raw material
  • Amino acid role in stress reduction of turf

Presented by:

Steve Flanagan.png
Steve Flanagan

Technical Director

Steve has been involved in plant nutrition within Amenity Horticulture and Agriculture sectors for over 30 years. His work has regularly involved trialling new products across a broad range of crops in several countries encompassing a diverse range of soils and climates. He is a FACTS Qualified Adviser and regular examiner on FACTS panels for BASIS and has an MSc in Agrifood from the University of Nottingham.



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