Greenkeeper International - Issue 226 - December 2019

BIGGA 12 December 2019 Greenkeeper International

Featured in this issue:

Talking points
How aare are you of employment law and is it holding you back?
Royal Cinque Ports
A look at the team behind the historic Kent links
Confessions of a Greens Chairman
Meet Whitley Bay's former greens chairman who 'gets it'
BTME preview
A look at some of the exhibitors who will be heading to BTME next month
Insight with Syngenta
Understanding how reducing pathogen numbers is crucial to avoiding poor turf quality
Bunker Design
The importance of bunkers with architect William Swan
How the apprentices got on at Littlehampton's 'bunker camp'
Sherriff Amenity
Making the shift from football groundsman to greenkeeper
Passing the test at Purley Downs GC




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