Choosing your fertilisers – NPKs and technologies

8 June 2023 Video - Webinar

Covering seasonal NPKs, corrective NPKs, slow and controlled‑release technologies and the use of organic materials.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand which NPKs are suitable for each season
  • Learn how slow and controlled release fertilisers work
  • Understand how to use organic materials

Presented by:

Daisy Lacey

Sales and product development,

Daisy is a FACTS (Turf) qualified advisor and has a degree in Biology from the University of Bath. Daisy has nearly a decade of experience developing and formulating fertiliser products for all kinds of turf situations. She is currently focussed on building a comprehensive set of educational resources for customers including; information sheets, webinars, and online courses. Daisy enjoys sharing her knowledge with others and helping customers make better buying decisions for their budgets and with the environment in mind.

James Whittick

Sales and marketing director

As Sales and Marketing Director James is responsible for GreenBest Ltd sales and marketing strategy and its team. He has in-depth knowledge of most aspects of the fertiliser manufacturing system and a degree in Agriculture. James handles key customer accounts for the sales of fertilisers into the amenity turf, golf course, lawncare, sports turf and speciality nutrition marketplaces. James focuses on Europe and the Middle East regions whilst still retaining some key UK accounts. Having been with GreenBest since 2000, he has had roles in production, sales and now sales management



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