Could your course host our next BTME community woodland?

8 December 2023 BTME

BIGGA is on the lookout for the next golf course that will host a community woodland, with trees purchased by exhibitors at BTME 2024.

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Exhibitors who sign up to attend BTME 2024 have been invited to purchase a tree as a means of offsetting some of their carbon footprint. It is hoped that over the years, sufficient trees will be planted to create a network of 'BTME community woodlands' around the UK, with Harrogate Golf Club the first to participate in the scheme.

If you're interested in hosting a BTME community woodland at your golf course, get in touch with BIGGA's Lauren Frazer by emailing [email protected]

With each tree capturing up to 1 tonne of carbon dioxide from our air over its lifetime, the scheme will raise awareness of the carbon footprint generated by major events such as BTME and be a flagship initiative as BIGGA seeks to improve its sustainable practices, as is echoed at forward-thinking golf facilities everywhere.

Ken Ward is head greenkeeper at Harrogate Golf Club and said: "Harrogate Golf Club is hugely appreciative of BIGGA and all the exhibitors who contributed to this scheme as it is such a worthwhile cause, not only for us but also for our kids, grandchildren and future generations.

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Plant a Tree for BTME is just one of a number of initiatives that BIGGA has undertaken to reduce the carbon footprint of BTME. BTME returns from 23 to 25 January 2023 at the Harrogate Convention Centre in North Yorkshire. The event is free to attend and more information can be found on the BTME website.


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