Xact: Online e-learning resource for members

7 April 2020 COVID-19

Members of the Ringway greenkeeping team practice e-learning on a rainy day

BIGGA members can access a wide ranging suite of education thanks to the association’s partnership with Xact Group 

Xact provides the Health and Safety portal and HR Helpline for BIGGA members, but did you also know it provides an online e-learning service for greenkeeping teams?

This can be accessed whenever the opportunity arises, whether that be in day-to-day life or in exceptional circumstances such as poor weather or when staff have been furloughed. In fact, training is permitted during furloughing so it could be a good opportunity to keep your staff engaged and developing while they are not able to work on site.

The range of training is tailored to the golf industry and can be purchased in a block of hours and distributed throughout your team as necessary. 

Richard Stephens is course manager at Ringway in Altrincham and said: “We pay an annual fee per man and I can access all the available courses for that price. We do the greenkeeping safety essentials course every two years as part of ongoing refresher training, but all staff can choose to do more courses in their spare time if they wish.”

Xact provides the person responsible for training, usually the head greenkeeper or course manager, with a management dashboard. This gives them the facility to create users, allocate courses and track usage.

Richard added: “This system is excellent as it can be completed as and when the team have time to do so, giving a great flexibility to the required training when circumstances such as adverse weather affect the day to day work on the course.”

Complete the training and you will receive recognition of your achievement

Sector-specific employee training

All employers have a legal responsibility to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of employees. Xact’s sector-specific e-learning system will help you to meet your obligations. The effectiveness, relevance to the sector and flexibility of e-learning will help golf clubs to promote a culture of safety in the business, reducing the likelihood of prosecution and personal injury claims. 

Sector-specific courses

Golf Greenkeeping Safety Essentials

Golf Greenkeeping Supplementary Mechanics Course

Golf Professional Safety Essentials

Golf Pro Shop Retail Safety Essentials

Golf Clubhouse - Administration Activities

Golf Clubhouse - Cleaning Activities

Golf Clubhouse - Event Management

Golf Clubhouse - Hospitality

Golf Clubhouse - Kitchen and Catering

All Other General Courses

HR Courses

For full details of each particular course you can visit https://xactgroup.co.uk/sectors/golf-clubs/ or call Graeme Taylor at Xact on 01698 572830 or e-mail him gtaylor@xactgroup.co.uk

The suite of training courses is available at £30+VAT per person per annum, for this each person can access and complete each course at their own speed and comfort. As each course is completed a certificate is generated for your training filed and to be forwarded along with your CPD claim to cpd@bigga.co.uk.




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