What is a standardisation meeting?

22 January 2024 BTME

The Greenkeepers Training Committee and BIGGA are hosting a standardisation meeting in Harrogate the day before the BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition gets underway – but what is a standardisation meeting?

The GTC's chairperson Alistair Booth will speak at the meeting


The GTC/BIGGA standardisation meeting will see around 20 colleges and training providers from across the UK meet up alongside representatives from the apprentice Greenkeeping Trailblazer Group, England Golf, Wales Golf, Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE), City & Guilds and Lantra.

The intention of the meeting is to ensure that all training providers in the UK are delivering consistent levels of training that matches up to the legal requirements and ensures all students and apprentices are well-prepared for a career in greenkeeping. As such, it’s a hugely influential meeting that shapes greenkeeper training each year.

Key aspects that may be addressed at a standardisation meeting include:

  • Content standardisation: ensuring the content of training programmes meets specified quality benchmarks, covers necessary topics and aligns with industry standards
  • Assessment and evaluation: establishing consistent methods for assessing learners’ progress and evaluating their understanding of the training material
  • Instructor qualifications: setting criteria for the qualifications and expertise of instructors to ensure they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively deliver the training
  • Delivery methods: standardising the methods used to deliver training, whether through in-person classes, online platforms or a combination of both
  • Learning outcomes: defining clear and measurable learning outcomes to ensure participants gain the knowledge and skills intended by the training programme
  • Certification procedures: establishing consistent processes for certifying participants upon successful completion of the training.
CEO Jim Croxton will give an update on the activities of BIGGA


The Greenkeepers Training Committee is the independent organisation representing British golf club employers and greenkeepers. The GTC ensures the provision of quality education and training of greenkeepers and is chaired by Alistair Booth. The board consists of representatives of England Golf, Scottish Golf, Wales Golf and BIGGA.

During the standardisation meeting, representatives from IfATE, City & Guilds and Lantra will deliver important updates that will alter how training providers deliver their courses.

  • IfATE works with employers across all industries to develop and review apprenticeships and technical qualifications.
  • City & Guilds helps deliver work-based learning programmes and flexible learning pathways that support lifelong employability. City & Guilds is the preferred awarding body of The GTC.
  • Lantra is the leading provider of training, qualifications and career guidance for land-based industries across the UK and Ireland.

BIGGA CEO Jim Croxton will then offer an update on the activities of BIGGA and The GTC.

The Greenkeeping Trailblazer has been responsible for the development of new apprenticeships for the industry, They developed the Level 3 Advanced Sports Turf Technician apprenticeship, which was approved in October 2022 and since then have worked on the new Level 2 Golf Greenkeeper apprenticeship. The group is chaired by Trentham Golf Club’s Ed Stant, supported by Woburn’s Gavin Sowden.

Colleges in attendance are:

  • Askham Bryan College
  • Bishop Burton/Riseholme College
  • Bridgwater & Taunton College
  • Coleg Cambria
  • Grey Seal Academy
  • Hadlow College
  • KEITS Training
  • Oldham College
  • Pershore College
  • Plumpton College
  • Shipley College
  • Sparsholt College
  • SRUC
  • Suffolk New College
  • YMCA Training
  • Myerscough College
  • Moulton College
  • Berkshire College of Agriculture
  • Capel Manor College


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