Are your chemical stores legal?

28 October 2019 Your Course Features

With the large number of revocations and changes in registrations of pesticide products, it is important to regularly check your store to make sure all the products are still registered for use. 

You should also have an up to date inventory of all the full and part used cans you are storing on site. 

The important piece of information required to make sure you are legal is the MAPP number. This number when checked with the HSE database will let you know if the product is legal to use.

Job 1 – record contents of Chemical store 

You should have an up to date accurate inventory that includes the following information 

  • MAPP Number 
  • Product Name
  • Pack size 
  • Number of packs full + volume contained in part full containers
  • Purchase date 
  • SDS 
  • EIS – Environmental Information Sheet can be useful to give to members who ask about a product being used 

You can download a stock/contents sheet below:

Chemical Store Product Inventory


The MAPP number is a five-digit number and is always found on the front of the product label, usually in upper right quarter.

To check the validity of a MAPP number, head to the HSE database.

Type the five-digit MAPP number into the box then click ‘Get Results’ to the bottom right of the page:

HSE Chemical storage 1.jpg


If the product is valid, details of the product will be displayed as below:

HSE Chemical storage 2.jpg


Additional important product information can be found by clicking the product name. These include:

  • Authorisation and marketing name of the company that registered or markets the product. 
  • Active substance plus concentration – this is the active ingredient of the product and the concentration of the formulation. It also indicates the formulation type.
  • Field of use – what type of product it is (herbicide, fungicide, etc.)
  • Crops - this shows the registered crops for this product. Amenity grassland is your roughs, managed amenity turf is your greens, tees and fairways.
  • Amateur/Professional – An amateur product can be applied by anyone. However, if being applied by an employee, the person applying these products should still have suitable certificates. For all professional products, the operator must hold a suitable certificate of competence, such as PA1/PA6.
  • LERAP Category – this gives information on how and if products can be applied near to water.
  • Product Expiry Date - This is the last date a product can be legally used or stored. 

If an error message appears, as below, this product is no longer legal to use. This product is now no longer allowed to be used or stored and must be disposed of by a suitable waste contractor. 

HSE Chemical storage 3.jpg


All Pesticide products should be stored, as a minimum, in a sealed or bunded chemical store or cabinet; this unit should ideally be permanently fixed to a wall and clearly marked. The store should be kept under lock and key.  

The contents of the store should be recorded and stored in a safe place. This inventory should be easily available for the emer





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