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13 February 2020 Announcement


As a member of BIGGA, Greenkeeper International is your magazine.

Sure, there may be content from industry experts – both commercial and academic – as we attempt to bring you the latest innovations and turf science.

But at its heart, Greenkeeper International is all about you, the BIGGA member.

With that in mind, we’ve teamed up with Campey Turf Care Systems to provide you an incredible opportunity to win a week in Florida and a £750 cash prize.

All we’re asking is for BIGGA members to give us an insight into their daily lives by contributing an article for inclusion in the magazine and for our website.

The article can be on any topic of your choosing, we’re leaving it entirely up to you. The key is that you talk about something that other BIGGA members will find interesting and that will perhaps spark a conversation.

  • Have you found a new way of doing something on the course?
  • Have you turned a traditional practice upside down and achieved success?
  • Do you have a story about a time you learnt something new that you would like to share?
  • Have you learned something outside of greenkeeping that you now use in the workplace?

Ryun Holden of Golfclub Wylihof won the top prize in 2019 with his feature discussing the importance of positive thinking and engaging with his club’s membership. 

We’re open to any possibility. Just get in touch by emailing or, for more information, contact Karl Hansell on


Karl Hansell
BIGGA | Communications Executive


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