Class 4: What's in a Soil Analysis

12:00PM - 2:00PM, 25 Jan 2021


Class 4: What's in a Soil Analysis

All greenkeepers will have a soil analysis carried out, but do you know what it all means? This half day workshop examines the various types of soils that fine turf grow in and how the soil type impacts on nutrient availability. Examining what the essential nutrients are and what form the nutrients need to be in for optimum plant availability.

Discover the correct way to take a soil sample and what key components greenkeepers should be aware of when reading a soil analysis. Finally the workshop will focus on how these key components and nutrients will affect plant growth and how often the soil should be tested.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Basic soil texture and structure and how these affect CEC and nutrient availability in the soil
  • Essential nutrients and their effects on the plant
  • How the plant takes up nutrients and available forms
  • How to take a soil sample
  • How to read a soil analysis and what key components you are looking for


Andy Owen, ICL

Dr Andy Owen is ICL lnternational Technical Manager for its turf and landscape business. Andy is a soil scientist and agronomist with a Ph.D. from the University of Wales in Bangor. Prior to joining ICL he was a sports turf lecturer at Myerscough College developing and delivering industry-focussed degree level courses to distance learning and in-college students.

Henry Bechelet, ICL

Henry Bechelet is Technical Sales Manager in the UK & Ireland for the turf and landscape business. Henry has been in the turf industry for over 25 years. He originally trained as an agricultural agronomist but then joined the turfgrass industry as a trainee agronomist in the early 90’s. Henry has spent roughly half his career engaged in independent consultancy and the other half on the commercial side of the industry. Over the years Henry has built a reputation as being an enthusiastic and entertaining presenter who has always been very progressive in his views.


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