The latest research in turf management in UK climates

8 June 2023 Video - Webinar

Presenting the latest data and discussions from the state‑of‑the‑art Throws Technology Centre in Essex, where scientific trials have been carried out on a USGA green, ryegrass sportsturf, amenity grass area, glasshouses, and controlled environment grow tents. Data will be presented on the best practices, product types, and programmes on a range of subjects including microdochium control, anthracnose management, wetting agent performance, biostimulants and herbicide performance.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the benefit of correctly laid out trials in judging products and practices
  • Gain an understanding of maintenance practices that affect turf performance
  • Understand and use data that can be relayed to management to justify budgetary expenditure
  • Learn about disease management practices most likely to succeed
  • Learn best practice advice for new technologies on the market

Presented by:

Geoff Fenn.png
Geoff Fenn
Geoff has almost 30 years experience in the sportsturf industry combining both direct turf management as a Golf Course Manager and commercially in research, product testing and evaluation of new and existing products. He has developed successful fertiliser programmes for all levels from local bowling greens right up to Premier League football stadiums.



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