The carbon credentials of grasses

6 June 2023 Video - Webinar

The carbon credentials of grasses for ‘locking‑up’ carbon and mitigating the carbon footprint of intensively managed turf.

Learning outcomes

  • How grasses are as valuable as trees for locking up carbon in the soil profile
  • An explanation of the on‑going study and evaluation process of ‘scoring’ grasses for carbon sequestration
  • Appreciate how individual cultivars within species of grasses can sequester (lock‑up) higher levels of carbon
  • Discover how straightforward it is to benefit from combining increased levels of carbon sequestration with desirable amenity characteristics
  • How, through mixture selection, you can help mitigate the carbon emissions produced by the operational activities of the club and maintenance of the playing surfaces

Presented by:

Jayne Leyland

Product manager

Howard Wood

Product manager



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