So you've got earthworms - now what?

Paige Boyle 2 February 2021 Video - Webinar

Earthworms are usually considered beneficial organisms, as they aerate the soil, decompose organic matter, and increase plant availability of nutrients; however, earthworm casting on turf surfaces can cause issues with pest invasion, playability, and turf health and maintenance. Managing earthworms is difficult because earthworms remain one of the most poorly understood groups of soil macrofauna, and no products are labeled for control of these beneficial organisms. Come and learn what you can do to manage earthworms and casts on your turf!

Presented by Paige Boyle, Graduate Assistant, Utah State University


Paige Boyle
Utah State University | Graduate Assistant

Paige Boyle is a Presidential Doctoral Research Fellow at Utah State University. She earned a bachelors in Environmental, Soil, and Water Sciences and masters in horticulture from the University of Arkansas. As part of her doctoral dissertation research at Utah State, she is studying ecosystem services of low-input systems on golf courses in the western US. Her research background includes stream restoration design, in-vessel compost processing, and earthworm management on golf course turf


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