Introducing a world of nematodes

This short session will give an introduction to the different types of nematodes found in amenity turf grounds. Nematodes, or 'roundworms', are globally abundant microscopic microorganisms. Most have a positive impact on nutrient recycling, but some have evolved specialised feeding habits that classify them as unwanted pests. This session will look at nematodes which feed on plants, bacteria, fungi and insects, explaining why they are important to plant and soil health, providing you with knowledge of nematode biodiversity.

Presented by Dr Deborah Cox, Lagan Valley Scientific


Dr Deborah Cox
Agri Food & Biosciences Institute | Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory Manager

Dr Deborah Cox manages the plant health molecular diagnostics laboratory at the Agri Food & Biosciences Institute in Belfast.  She began her scientific career in molecular biology 16 years ago quite differently, in forensic science. She studied first at Abertay University in Dundee and then at LGC Forensics in Teddington. 
Deborah changed fields in 2011 completing a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast, studying abiotic stress responses during germination using the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana. Her post-doctorate research includes understanding the mechanisms behind flowering time, and plant parasitic nematode behaviour. Her research interests include how biodiversity and the microbiome impact plant health, biostimulant mode(s) of action, and nematode population dynamics in turf grass. 


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