Improve your turf quality with significantly reduced nitrogen inputs

8 June 2023 Video - Webinar

The Aquatrols mission is to pioneer new methods that advance conservation and health for agriculture, turf and horticulture. Within the turf management sector there has been an increasing demand to reduce nitrogen inputs while also producing playing surfaces of the highest quality. The drivers for this desire to reduce overall nitrogen applications are many and varied but typically fall into three categories: the negative effects of nitrogen leachate on the environment, the desire to favour certain grass species over others and the requirement to adhere to both existing and future legislation.

Data will be presented from independent trials that took place at Guelph University in Canada and STRI in the UK. Guest speakers Rob Hay of Northamptonshire County Golf Club and Alec MacIndoe of West Surrey Golf Club will share their experiences and be available to answer any questions after the session.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding various nutritional input approaches
  • Understanding the nitrogen cycle
  • Understanding efficient metabolism of nitrogen within the plant
  • How to maximise the potential of nitrogen present within the rootzone
  • How to maximise inputs of both organic and inorganic nitrogen applications

Presented by:

Michael Fance.png
Michael Fance

Account Manager - Europe

Michael Fance has a background of 38 years in this industry. He spent 18 years in greenkeeping, 14 years in either Head Greenkeeper or Course Manager positions. He has spent the last 20 years consultatively selling products into the sports turf sector and is both FACTS and BASIS qualified. Bob Moore, founder of Aquatrols, brought the first soil surfactant to the sports turf market in 1955, the area of products commonly known as wetting agents, and the company is now widely regarded as the global leader in this technology. As well as operating as the European Account Manager Michael also fulfils the Technical Support role.
Rob Hay
Alec MacIndoe



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