Greenkeeper International - Issue 239 - January 2021

5 January 2021 Greenkeeper International
Featured in this issue

Talking Points: Considering climate change
Do we need to reconsider how we maintain our golf courses?
The renovation of Loch Lomond
A look at the UK's 'largest ever' golf course renovation with David Cole MG
How Dan Simpson-May and buisness-savvy owners are rebuilding this northern club
Insight: Amino acids
Their rold and the targeting of biostimulant in the fight against abiotic stresses
Rembembering Peter Alliss
BIGGA looks back at the life of Peter Alliss, the voice of golf and former president of the association
The History of BTME
With the annual Harrogate gathering being cancelled, we take a look back at the event's history and how far the event has come since its conception
Practical Greenkeeping: Reed bed design
James Hutchinson, Dr Marie Anthorn and Tony Hanson talk us through reed bed design
Winter greens aeration
Redexim talk us through methods that can relieve the compaction of your turf


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