General Session - Marketing Golf: It's too important to be left to the Marketeers

Phil Anderton 22 January 2021 Video - Webinar

This session will discuss the importance of all golf stakeholders marketing the brand of golf better if we want golf to grow and having the good sense to do it together: understanding who our customers are and what their (changing) needs are, aggressively promoting why golf is the right choice for improving their lives and delivering an experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Presented by Phil Anderton, Chief Development Officer, The R&A


Phil Anderton
The R&A | Chief Development Officer

Phil joined the R & A as Chief Development Officer in August 2020, taking on the responsibilities for the operational and strategic activities of Golf Development and Amateur Championships, with the additional responsibility for Sustainability, the British Golf Museum and for The R&A’s overseas operations in Singapore and Argentina. Phil has a wealth of knowledge and experience of implementing and delivering on business strategy: he has worked in brand management at Procter and Gamble, Global Strategic Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company,  general management roles at Scottish Rugby Union, Hearts Football Club and the ATP Tour, where Phil was Chairman of the ATP Finals and he has latterly run his own business consultancy.


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