GC 2030: Where will you get your water?

R&A Golf Course 2030 project

Water is a critical natural resource for golf course management. The main aim of the research project is to provide easily accessible information to be provided for practitioners in order to make changes to current water management strategies, be that for irrigation or drainage. Current best climate predictions on the effect of climate change on water management on golf courses in the UK and Ireland will be presented in the form of an interactive portal allowing users to view different geographic areas at different times in the future. Climate change predictions will inform summaries of alternative and future water management strategies that will be provided on the portal for easy practitioner access.

Presented by:

Dr Tom Young, Environment Systems Manager, STRI Group
Phil Williams, Principle Engineer, EPG


Dr Tom Young
STRI Group | Environment Systems Manager

Tom arrived at STRI in 2014 with a PhD in Biological Sciences, specialising in the optimisation of green roof substrate for sustainable plant growth and specific service provision.

He first role was as a research manager overseeing the day to day running of research projects involving collection, analysis and reporting of data. Tom was promoted to Technology Manager in 2018, and now takes the lead in co-ordinating development of innovative services and products for new and existing markets.

Tom is an Aston Villa fan and enjoys spending time walking and camping in the countryside.

Phil Williams
EPG | Principle Engineer

Phil has extensive experience within the construction sector with a particular expertise in drainage design for both small-scale development and large area master plans, which includes an in-depth knowledge of SUDS, Blue Roof design, Flood Risk Assessments, Standard Foul & Surface Water Drainage & Hydraulic Modelling, Ground Gas protection and venting for projects within the UK & internationally.


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