GC 2030: Sustainable coastal golf course management: challenges and opportunities for nature-based solutions

R & A 22 January 2021 Video - Webinar

R&A Golf Course 2030 project

A healthy robust coastal (including dune) system can provide benefits for coast-line protection and multiple additional benefits, including to the players, the management team, wildlife and the local community. This session will outline some of the challenges (e.g. sea-level rise, accelerated coastal erosion, coastal development, recreational pressures) and opportunities (e.g. reduced level of management intervention, increased bio-diversity, greater feeling of well-being) that can be achieved with the introduction of a more ecosystem-based management strategy. This session will provide an overview of the options available for such an approach, as well as providing an update on current GC2030 sustainability projects and opportunities to contribute to national net zero targets through these so-called nature-based solutions.

Presented by:

Prof William Austin, Professor of Geography & Sustainable Development, University of St Andrews
Christine Adnitt, Marine and Coastal Ecologist, Royal Haskoning DHV


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