Conservation collaborations in golf

Marie Athorn 21 January 2021 Video - Webinar

Dr Marie Athorn of the RSPB talks to several other conservation charities to hear about the work they do with golf courses and what valuable habitats golf courses can offer to a range of species. The session will include examples of golf courses that are involved in conservation projects up and down the UK, from habitat management advice to large, landscape scale conservation projects. Pick up tips to help some of the rare wildlife that frequents golf courses and gather inspiration from the contribution of your peers to UK conservation.

Presented by  Marie Athorn, Business Conservation Adviser (R&A), RSPB


Marie Athorn
RSPB | Business Conservation Adviser (R&A)

Marie has a PhD from the University of Nottingham on the biodiversity benefits of constructed wetland habitats and has previously worked in ecological consultancy. Joining the RSPB in January 2020 she has undertaken the new role of Business Conservation Advisor to The R&A as part of the new partnership between the RSPB and The R&A. Conservation and ecology have always been her passion and have shaped her career path. Marie has played golf her whole life and this role has provided her with the opportunity to increase awareness and support for biodiversity conservation on golf courses.


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