Chelates, iron products and tips and tricks on tank mixing

6 June 2023 Video - Webinar

Chelation will be discussed, considering the types of chelates and their role in plant nutrition and aiding tank mixing. This will lead on to a discussion of the types of iron compounds and products used on amenity turf. Finally, the seminar will give some advice on tank mixing, such as how best to dissolve materials, what can interact and how to make some materials more compatible.

Learning outcomes

  • What a chelate is and what it does
  • The types of chelates you may use
  • The benefit of iron products
  • The range of iron compounds that you may use
  • What type of tank mix interactions can occur
  • How best to dissolve materials in your tank for spray application

Presented by:

Paul Morris.png
Paul Morris

Managing Director

Paul Morris is Managing Director at GBR Technology.  He has a degree in Chemistry from Oxford University and was a Product Development Chemist for 11 years at Castrol and BP working on surfactant based products.  Paul also has 7 years experience in technical sales at BASF selling surfactants into various industries including agrochemicals.  Paul has been at GBR Technology for 12 years and played the key role in bringing the Company into the sport amenity market.



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