Bio-nutrition - unlocking the true potential of your turf

Bio-nutrition does not solely rely on the use of certain agricultural products, but involves the implementation of a set of specific management techniques aimed at creating a sustainable turfgrass system. This presentation will discuss the impact of cultural and chemical practices on turfgrass growth and how those practices ultimately pose certain challenges to turfgrass managers. Focus must be placed on revitalizing the soil, repopulating rootzone microorganisms, applying appropriate nutrients, and connecting turfgrass with the soil for the system to function at optimal potential. Specific attention will be placed on use of biostimulants and biofertilizers and where they fit into the overall management scheme.

Presented by Dr. Gerald Henry, Athletic Association Endowed Professor, University of Georgia


Dr. Gerald Henry
University of Georgia | Athletic Association Endowed Professor

Dr. Gerald Henry is the Athletic Association Endowed Professor of Environmental Turfgrass Science at the University of Georgia. He is the director of the Athens Turfgrass Research and Education Center, the Undergraduate Coordinator for the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, and the director of the UGA Turfgrass Management program. His research is focused on precision turfgrass management, weed science, and biotic/abiotic stress physiology. Dr. Henry has published over 50 refereed journal articles and 175 scientific abstracts as well as presented over 200 extension presentations related to turfgrass science both nationally and internationally


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