LPGA major opportunity for members

21 March 2019 Announcement

Evian Resort

BIGGA members have been invited to become part of the championship support team for the Evian Championship 2019.

An incredible opportunity to gain experience preparing the course for one of golf’s major championships, BIGGA members who are invited to join the team for the duration of the event will receive return air fares, accommodation, subsistence and uniform. 

The LPGA Tour's Evian Championship will see volunteers work alongside the club's greenstaff and volunteers from across Europe, with greenkeepers required to be on site from 13 to 28 July.

The Evian Course is situated in Evian les Bains, bordered by Lake Geneva on one side and the Alps on the other.

If you are interested in this rare opportunity email Peter Wisbey at pwisbey@btinternet.com


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