ICL Scholars 'had nothing to lose and everything to gain'

5 February 2024 Announcement

The ICL Continue to Learn Scholarship once again underlined its enormous value after the latest five participants reaped the benefits of the initiative.

The ICL Continue to Learn Scholars for 2024 at BTME

Each year, BIGGA Premium Partner ICL Turf & Landscape invites five BIGGA members to attend the education programme at BTME. 

The two orgnaisations recognise that the valuable career-development opportunities provided by the multi-day event are not available to every greenkeeper, with the cost of education, travel and accommodation proving an obstacle.

The scholarship seeks to provide a level playing field for ambitious members who would otherwise miss out.

Chris Hale, deputy course manager at Taunton & Pickeridge, was among the five selected in what was the eighth cohort of ICL Scholars.

He said: "I really enjoyed my time at BTME. The education classes were exceptional and I learnt a lot of new ideas and tips from them.

"I wouldn't have had the opportunity to be provided with as much education as I gained through ICL, so I'm very grateful for the chance to attend BTME and benefit from 15 hours' worth of classes and workshops."

The scholarship gave me the chance to meet and learn from some amazing people

Jamie Caswell, Blue Course supervisor at Frilford Heath, was also delighted to have had the opportunity.

He said: "The scholarship gave me the chance to meet and learn from some amazing people and it will definitely aid my continued learning and development, which I'm incredibly grateful for."

Fellow scholar Kate Stillwell, course superintendent at West London City 9, selected her best moments. 

"The highlights for me were seeing this year's latest innovations in machinery and products," she said. "I would encourage anyone to apply for the ICL scholarship - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, not only for yourself but also your team."

The ICL Scholarship provides an education package worth £500 and enables BIGGA members who may otherwise by unable to attend Continue to Learn and BTME to participate.

Following a selection process, the ICL Continue to Learn Scholarship provides the five candidates with three nights in a hotel and a comprehensive education package worth approximately £500.

To earn an ICL Continue to Learn Scholarship, BIGGA members must demonstrate a commitment to developing their own professional abilities by engaging with BIGGA's Continuing Professional Development scheme.

Whether through in-person learning, reading Greenkeeper International or accessing resources on the BIGGA website, BIGGA members have access to thousands of learning opportunities, all aimed at helping improve their professional abilities.

The ICL Scholars class of 2024:
  • Chris Hale, deputy course manager, Taunton & Pickeridge

  • Sam Norman, assistant greenkeeper, Abbey Hill
  • Kate Stillwell, course superintendent, West London City 9
  • Jason Norwood, greenkeeper, Reay
  • Jamie Caswell, Blue Course supervisor, Frilford Heath





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