Class 19: Criticising and correcting people at work

9:30AM - 11:30AM, 28 Jan 2021

Class 19: Criticising and correcting people at work

This seminar is for you if you are concerned about the negative impact of criticising and correcting people at work. Will individuals be resentful? Will they become unco-operative? Will they complain to others? Will individual performance and team morale actually get worse?

On this seminar you will learn how to make a ‘feedback contract’ with each team member and one for the team as a whole. This seminar will also help you to encourage the work team to adopt the ‘group discipline’ approach so that poor performance and difficult people are dealt with speedily using fair measures and agreed processes.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Confidently criticise and correct people at work and get positive outcomes
  • Be ‘firm but fair’ to everyone - and be seen to be so - by all team members
  • Quickly respond to minor matters so that they do not become major problems
  • Promote ‘group discipline’ so that the team can positively police and protect itself
  • Encourage an ethos of team loyalty with individuals supportive of each other at work
  • Show suitability for promotion because a loyal hard-working team has been built

Speaker: Frank Newberry, Frank Newberry Seminars

Frank trains and coaches people at all levels in the golf sector. His areas of interest and expertise are supervisory management, selling and communication in the workplace. His clients include a number of Top 100 golf venues including St Andrews Links, The Grove and The Wisley. He also works with various organisations on subjects including sales and presentations training, clients include - BASIS Registrations, the STRI, Aquatrols, Bernhard and Company, ICL Speciality Fertilizers and Rain Bird. His clients also include many membership organisations in the UK and in Europe including the GCMA, England Golf, the PGA, AELTC Wimbledon and a number of greenkeeper membership organisations in Europe.


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