Class 16: The Ten Minute Proposal

12:00PM - 2:00PM, 27 Jan 2021

Class 16: The Ten Minute Proposal – How to Get Your Ideas Over and Accepted

In this session you will acquire skills of how to gather and articulate your thoughts concisely, clearly and convincingly. Techniques will be explored and rehearsed to help you make the most of your mind and thinking processes, so that you can get your ideas across quickly and succinctly.

Learning Outcomes:
•    Gain attention and keeping it
•    Using a logical, coherent structure that appeals
•    Understanding voice control and non-verbal signals
•    Remaining calm under pressure and achieving focus
•    Using rehearsal and visualisation to achieve confidence
•    React confidently to unexpected questions
•    Know how to buy yourself thinking time
•    Three ways to add depth and engagement to your answers
•    Know the appropriate responses if things go off track
•    Bring conversations to life and move them to a higher level
•    Know how and when to close for success

Speaker: Michael Astrop, Coach the Mind

Michael Astrop is the Principal of Coach the Mind. Michael has been speaking, writing and coaching on communication and human behaviour for over 20 years, working with a wide range of public sector and commercial organisations. A regular on the Continue to Learn programme, Michael also delivers training for BIGGA sections and regions and for the Future Turf Managers Initiative.


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