GC 2030 - Standards for the golf course

R & A 21 January 2021 Video - Webinar

R&A Golf Course 2030 project

Golf green quality has been a discussion point since the first golf green was built. Over the years, various efforts have been made, with varying success, to produce golf green quality standards. However, what is meant by the term quality? This could purely focus on the quality and nature of ball surface interaction or it could also focus on the visual aesthetic and “playability” of the green and its architecture. The objectives of this STRI managed project have always been to understand and set out what is meant by golf green quality, understand the relationships among the key factors, review how golf green quality can be
assessed and the methods available for doing this.

Presented by:

Dr Stewart Brown, Senior Lecturer – Sportsturf Agronomy, University Centre Myerscough
Dr Christian Spring, Research Operations Manager, STRI Group
Dr John Fry, Research Lead for Sport, University Centre Myerscough


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