PODCAST Is rolling your greens ever a bad idea?

3 September 2019 Announcement


This week’s podcast is a taster of the quality of education and the speakers that you’ll see if you attend Continue to Learn at BTME 2020. It’s a talk given by professor Mike Richardson of the University of Arkansas, looking at the topic of cultural practices that impact turf compaction and health. Mike discusses mowing and rolling of greens and the potential costs and benefits of these practices.

Throughout this discussion Mike refers to a number of slides and you can view those through the BIGGA website or in our feature on rollers, which is in the August edition of Greenkeeper International. 

Mike covers the physiological responses to these practices and asks whether rolling is ever a bad idea. His research has focused on cultural practices that impact warm and cool season grasses in the transition zone and he’s also been actively involved in research to develop a wide range of turfgrasses for various environments. 

Here at BIGGA, we’re gearing up to the launch of the Continue to Learn brochure for January 2020. The education programme is going to be brilliant once again, so keep an eye out for the brochure included alongside the October edition of Greenkeeper International.

Coincidentally, did you know that BIGGA members can access video recordings of many of the seminars and workshops that are held at Continue to Learn each year? By logging on to the members’ area of the website, there’s a world of digital resources available to you on all aspects of greenkeeping, course management and personal development.


Jacobsen and BIGGA recognise the importance of preparing greenkeepers to take on the role of head greenkeeper or course manager. The Future Turf Managers Initiative has been designed to provide practical tools and guidance, to help candidates to pursue their career aspirations through a three-day professional develop conference.

Working with professional trainers, mentors, Jacobsen and BIGGA staff, graduates leave FTMI with a clear understanding of what the future holds and a realistic overview of the expectations that come with a management position. 

Applications for FTMI run from September until October, so if you’re interested in taking the next big step in your career, head to the Member Opportunities section of the BIGGA website to find out more. 


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Karl Hansell
Karl Hansell
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