You can talk about mental health at work

8 October 2020 Announcement


At BIGGA, we know that it benefits all of us to talk about mental health.

We're massive supporters of the work of Mick Davie and the Greenkeepers mental health group he set up on Facebook, which has provided a platform for so many greenkeepers to share their experiences. At BTME and our regional conferences we've regularly been joined by organisations such as Andy's Man Club, while there are countless resources on our website that you can use to help you through difficult times.

And at its heart, BIGGA is all about providing somewhere for you to turn to when times get tough.

One in four of us will experience mental health problems this year and having a colleague in your corner can make all the difference. That's why this World Mental Health Day we're encouraging golf clubs and other organisations to have conversations around mental health and build your understanding of mental health issues in and out of the workplace.

You can download an information package from our website that provides advice on ways you can approach the topic of mental health in your workplace.

World Mental Health Day 2020 Pack


There are lots of different ways to have a conversation about mental health and you don't have to be an expert to talk. If you're looking for more information why not visit and find out how the simple act of asking twice can help support our conversations with friends and co-workers.

For more information and support around mental health, please visit the Mind website or check out Mind's Everyday Living Guide, which contains information on online mental health.


Karl Hansell
BIGGA | Communications Executive


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